Entry Requirements

The selection of the participants is made by the evaluation committee mainly with consideration of:

  • the final grade of the Bachelor’s Degree
  • the grades in undergraduate courses which are related to the subject of the MSc
  • the relevance and grade of the Bachelor’s thesis – if any
  • the candidate ‘s research and professional activity
  • the English language proficiency
  • the performance during the interview

Selection process

The significance of each evaluation factor for the evaluation of the candidates is as follows:

CriterionSignificance of the criterionGrading (in number of points)
Bachelor’s degreeFailure to meet criterion results to the rejection of the candidateUp to 30 points depending on the grade of the Bachelor’s degree multiplied by 3
English proficiencyNo or basic knowledge of the English language results to the rejection of the candidateExcellent knowledge: 20 points Very good knowledge: 10 points
Research activity and publicationsAdditional GradingUp to 10 points for a project certified by the scientific supervisor or director of the project
Work ExperienceAdditional GradingUp to 10 points for a project certified by a supervisor or work manager
InterviewUp to 35 points for excellent performance during the interview

Minimum score for admittance is 60 points. The number of students admitted to the Program per year is set at a maximum of thirty (30) with the highest average score. The candidates with the highest overall score are admitted to the MSc Cell and Genes Therapies. In case more than one end up with the same score in the last position, the selection will be based on the best CV. The rest are classified as runners-up. The selected students register with the Secretariat of the Department of Medicine of the University of Patras, after submitting the following documents:

  • One (1) Photo
  • Photocopy of ID
  • Birth certificate (only male students)
  • Original proof of payment of the tuition
  • Registration application (granted by the Secretariat)

In case the above supporting documents are not submitted, within the timeframe set, the candidate is deleted from the list of successful candidates. Registrations can also be made by a legally authorized person. In special occasions, it is possible to register within one month from the expiration of the deadline, by decision of the Assembly, following a reasoned request of the interested party.

Key information


3rd Cycle of Students

September 20th 2023

Start date

(academic year 2023/2024)

October 11, 2023

Duration of the course

2 semesters, 60 ECTS credits




Worker friendly (evening/ WE classes)

Mostly Synchronous Online Courses

Labs on the Weekend

Asychronous Online Courses could be used


Athens or Patras, web-based courses


4.000 € (exemptions and scholarships available)

This course is a bi-institutional programme of postgraduate studies of the School of Medicine of Patras and the Dept. of Biomedical Sciences of the University of West Attica.

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