Academic Committee

Name Institution
Prof. Spyridonidis Alexandros (Director of the MSc) Univ. of Patras
Prof. Mouzaki Athanasia Univ. of Patras
Assistant Prof. Nika Konstantina Univ. of Patras
Prof. Papageorgiou Efstathia UniWΑ
Prof. Chaniotis Dimitrios UniWΑ
Associate Prof. Kriebardis A. UniWΑ

Academic Staff / Tutors

Name Institution Area of Expertise
Prof. Spyridonidis Alexandros Univ. of Patras ATMPs, GMP, Regulations, clinical
Prof. Mouzaki Athanasia Univ. of Patras Immunology
Prof. Stathopoulos C. Univ. of Patras Molecular, Genetics
Porf. Lygerou Zoi Univ. of Patras Cell cycle
Prof. Taraviras Stavros Univ. of Patras Stem Cells
Prof. Athanasiadou Aglaia Univ. of Patras Gene Therapy
Prof. Papageorgiou Efstathia Univ. of WΑ Statistical process and medical data analysis
Prof. Chaniotis Dimitrios Univ. of WΑ Personalized medicine
Assoc Prof. Kriebardis A. Univ. of WΑ Cell biology
Assoc Prof. Tzouvelekis A. Univ. of Patras Cell Therapies for lung diseases
Ass. Prof. Zoumboulakis P. Univ. of WΑ Biomarkers, Scientific Management
Ass. Prof. Nika Konstatnina Univ. of Patras immunology, Cell signaling, T cell biology
Ass. Prof. Karamitros Dimitrios Univ. of Patras Stem Cells
Ass Prof. Stamatopoulou Vasiliki Univ. of Patras RNA biology
Ass Professor Panayiotakopoulos P. Univ. of Patras Pharmacology, Regulations
Georgatzakou Chara, PhD Univ. of WΑ Cell biology
Michalopoulos S, PhD Univ. of WΑ GMP production, regulatory
Mallis P, PhD Univ. of WΑ GMP production, regulatory
Fortis S, PhD Univ. of WΑ Cell Therapies clinical aspects
Ass. Porf. Themeli M Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands iPS, CART cells
Prof. Gerhard Bauer UC Davis, California, USA GMP operations, Clinical Production
Dana Fuchs-Telem, PhD Orgenesis Academy Process Development
Sagi Nahum, PhD Orgenesis Academy Quality, Regulatory, Cell Processing
Chaya Mazouz, Msc Orgenesis Academy Quality, Regulatory

Invited Lecturers

Name Institution Area of Expertise
Prof. Heiko von der Leyen Orgenesis Academy Clinical development of ATMPs
Prof Martin Hildebrandt TU Munich School of Medicine GMP manufacturing
Prof. Tsirigotis P U of Athens Clinical Cell therapy, Apheresis
Katsila Theodora, PhD National Hellenic Research Foundation Biomarkers, ADME-Tox profiling, 3D-omics
Yannaki E, PhD Gene Therapy Unit Papanikolaou Hospital Regulations, GMP, Gene Therapy
Papadopoulou A., PhD Gene Therapy Unit Papanikolaou Hospital Regulations, GMP, Production
Roboti A. Hellenic Medicines Agency Regulations
Eyal Neria, PhD Orgenesis Academy Product Development
Irit Meivar Levi, PhD Orgenesis Academy Regenerative Medicine
Stephen Minger, PhD Orgenesis Academy Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells
Reem Miari, PhD Orgenesis Academy Biotechnology
Efrat Tal, PhD Orgenesis Academy Technology transfer
Oren Moskovitch, PhD Orgenesis Academy Preclinical, Medical Affairs
Sandra Albrecht, PhD Orgenesis Academy Clinical Science
Bettina Rohde, PhD Orgenesis Academy Regulatory, clinical trials
 Anke Lührmann, PhD Orgenesis Academy QM, Immunobiology
Vered Aviv, PhD Orgenesis Academy Adenoviruses
Chronis Fatouros, PhD Orgenesis Academy Molecular Biology and Genetics
Vincent Vandamme, MSc Orgenesis Academy Quality/Operations
Vered Caplan, Msc Orgenesis Academy Biotechnology, Industry, Patents
Miri Sani, MSc Orgenesis Academy Clinical studies
Nufar Gross, Msc Orgenesis Academy GMP manufacturing

Key information


September 26, 2022

Start date (2022/2023)

October 05, 2022

Duration of the course

2 semesters, 60 ECTS credits




Worker friendly (evening/ WE classes)


Athens or Patras, web-based courses


4.000 € (exemptions and scholarships available)

This course is a bi-institutional programme of postgraduate studies of the School of Medicine of Patras and the Dept. of Biomedical Sciences of the University of West Attica.

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